Getting started with the API

What is the Daft API?

The Daft API is a private service that allows developers to build tools and websites powered by It is not open to the public.

How do I use the Daft API?

To use the Daft API, you're going to need a few things:

  1. An API key - a unique identifier that links you with your account.
  2. A programming environment capable of using the SOAP protocol. Most major programming languages support SOAP, including PHP, Perl, ASP, Java and Python.

Can I see an example?

Sure! Here's a quick example using PHP5. It uses the areas request to fetch a list of counties in Ireland.

     * This example will produce a list of the counties in Ireland.

$DaftAPI = new SoapClient("");

$parameters = array(
'api_key'       =>  "4039260_invalid_example_key_87b7c7c267fa"
'area_type'   =>  "county"

$response $DaftAPI->areas($parameters);

$response->areas as $county)
$county->name "<br />\n";

If PHP5 isn't your language of choice, we also have sample code for other languages, including .NET

What else can the Daft API do?

Here's a quick list of commands the Daft API supports:

Where can I learn more?

Much more information is available from the full documentation and reference.

Where can I get help?

Contact us at with further enquiries.